Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I See a Case Manager?

We see clients on a first-come, first-served basis. Because we are small, it’s always best to arrive early in the day (before we open), in order to have a good chance of getting on that day’s list. Keep your place in line, and when we open we will do our best to get you on the list. This procedure applies to new clients and to returning clients. You must ALWAYS get on the list to see a case manager!

How Do I Get a GOLD CARD?

Follow the same procedure. Get in line early, hold your place in line, and when we open, let us know you are here for a GOLD CARD. Our Harris Health System Gold Card representative sees 10 people each week-day morning. We hand out numbers to the first 10 people who are in line to get a GOLD CARD. You must be Homeless and you must have acceptable Identification.

Can I See a Case Manager & Apply for a GOLD CARD on the Same Day?

Yes, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, as long as you get on both lists. On Friday you can also apply for a GOLD CARD, but case management is not available on Fridays for “walk-ins.”

What Kind of Help Will I Get?

Depending on your needs, we may help you with:

  • Case Management

  • Information & Referrals for food, housing, job search, medical, mental health, dental & vision care, legal assistance, chemical dependency resources, and countless other matters

  • Vocational Counseling/Coaching (includes the JobPoints Project)

  • Transportation (METRO Money)

  • ID Fee Assistance (includes birth certificate, when necessary)

  • Harris Health System GOLD CARDS for the Homeless (Monday - Friday mornings)

  • Clothing & Haircut Vouchers

  • Personal Hygiene Items

  • Reading Glasses

  • Telephone Use; Houston Community Voice-Mail

  • Mail & Message Privileges (case by case basis)

  • Ticketing Site for the “Project Access” Bus

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