To assist the disadvantaged and unemployed in gaining direction and control over their lives through employment or other appropriate means.

Our Goal

To help clients become secure, employed or otherwise independent individuals who no longer need our help.

What Have We Learned in 32 Years?

COMPASS was founded at Christ Church Cathedral in 1981 and became an independent non-profit corporation the following year.

Staying small has served our clients well. Consistency of services matters to our clients, as does easy access to our case managers. Our size has allowed COMPASS to retain both.

Compassionate direction has always been the hallmark of our work, yet we have grown in the depth of our interaction with clients and in our expectations of them. By establishing rapport and by building trust, we form relationships with the men and women seeking direction from us. Our underlying mission - for clients to gain control over their lives and to find their own direction - depends on this philosophy.

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