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COMPASS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supported by foundations, corporations, churches, and individuals. We don’t seek government funding. Individual gifts are critical to support our annual budget.

How Will Your Gift Make A Difference?

It will help with the cost of guidance/case management, and “direct assistance” for up to 1500 unique individuals (up to 5,000 client visits in a year.) Some examples of how one gift can provide direct assistance to COMPASS clients:

  • $50 offsets the cost of a Texas ID for 7 clients

  • $100 can buy 40 round-trip rides on METRO

  • $175 can buy work boots for 4 clients starting new jobs

  • $500 can buy 7 clients the bus fare needed for a successful job search, from the first application through the first pay-check (about 30 round-trip rides on METRO per client)


You may also click here for a printable donation form,
and send COMPASS your check (payable to COMPASS) to
1117 Texas Avenue, Houston, Texas 77002

COMPASS also gladly accepts “In-Kind” Donations. We are in need of:

  • Toiletries (disposable razors, deodorant, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes)

  • Drugstore variety reading glasses, in all strengths

  • Gently used wallets (or the dollar store variety)

  • Datebooks or other portable calendars

  • Flash Drives

Creative Ways to Give

  • Honor a relative or friend with a gift to COMPASS.

  • Estate Planning: Consider naming COMPASS as a beneficiary in your Will.

  • Matching Gifts – Does your employer have a matching gift program? If so, it is usually a simple matter to have them match the amount of your gift.

  • Make it a family affair and introduce your children to community giving by asking their birthday party guests to make a contribution to COMPASS.

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