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If you haven’t read William Saroyan’s The Human Comedy, it’s a perfect book to read while nestled in front of your Christmas tree, sipping a cup of tea. Okay, I know no one actually does that, but I still hope you’ll read it. It’s a gem of a book about 14 year old Homer Macauley and his family, which happens to include a little brother named Ulysses. There is even a love interest named Helen (Eliot, not Troy.) I read it in 9th grade, but thought of it again because my daughter is now reading the other Homer for school. So, we’ve had a few chats about The Odyssey and its obvious influence on popular culture. It’s no wonder that so many books and movies share themes with Homer’s epic poem. After all, life is a big, complicated, heroic journey. Aren’t we all trying to get home?

Saroyan’s story is set in a small town, where a sign reads:


It’s true – home is best. But if we’re not home yet, feeling welcome counts for a lot. All the better for us, if we can find some purposeful guidance and direction on the road home.

COMPASS offers our homeless neighbors much needed direction. They are on their own unique journeys, facing their own Cyclops. They’re not home yet. So, we welcome them every week-day and offer critical support as they try to find a job, slay a monster or two, and continue on - toward home.

It’s almost Christmas. Will you help COMPASS welcome a stranger, with the gift you can afford?

Cynthia Brannon
Executive Director
December 2014

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